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Coherence Building Projects


Juniper Springs

Earth Trust & Private Membership Association

Crawford, CO 

Juniper Springs is nearly 44 acres of wild terrain, gorgeous views, and 4 private swimming ponds located in western Colorado. ​


We developed a private membership association (PMA) and Earth Trust for the land, and are establishing the governance and coherence models for the community that will live on the land in the coming years. 

Juniper Springs is developing a food forest, adding art installations, a spa/healing center, luxurious accommodations and more for the PMA members!


Living Innovation Campus

We are creating a regenerative enterprise & lifestyle incubator fostering collaborative innovation, ecological living & wellness. The micro-village will provide high quality, affordable, intergenerational housing. While the incubator will support the creation of regenerative enterprises.

Vision Statement:​

  • A world where people fully engage their intuitive creative genius in alignment with themselves, each other and the planet. 

Purpose Statement:

  • To be an intergenerational, replicable example of a culture that nurtures creativity, innovation and regenerative stewardship.

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Team Coherence


Our team has successfully implemented Common Grounding techniques across diverse settings, including universities, intentional communities, non-profits, schools, faith-based organizations, and workplaces. Our approach, marked by dedicated facilitation, robust engagement, and ongoing evaluation, has consistently delivered transformative outcomes within communities.

Whether you're looking to enhance user experiences, improve collaboration within your organization, or create cohesive designs, Common Grounding is here to help. Let's collaborate to build meaningful connections and drive positive change through coherent design.

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