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 "Common Grounding" can be described as a fundamental concept in experience and coherence design, essential for fostering understanding, empathy, and collaboration among individuals.

In the realm of multi-stakeholder initiatives, challenges such as communication gaps, lack of cohesion, and difficulty in aligning diverse perspectives often hinder the realization of collective goals. Common Grounding emerges as a solution to these common pain points, offering a strategic framework and experiential tools designed to address these challenges head-on.

As experience and coherence designers, our aim is to create environments, products, and systems that facilitate common grounding by establishing shared understanding and mutual respect among users or participants.

'Play is the highest form of research.'
                                 -Albert Einstein

We specialize in...

  • Experience Design: We craft seamless and intuitive experiences across various platforms and mediums, ensuring that users feel connected and engaged throughout their journey.

  • Coherence Design: We design systems and interfaces that promote coherence and consistency, facilitating easier navigation and comprehension for users.

  • Empathy-driven Solutions: Our designs are deeply rooted in empathy, allowing us to understand the diverse needs and perspectives of users and tailor our solutions accordingly.

  • Collaborative Environments: We create spaces that encourage collaboration and teamwork, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose among participants.

With Common Grounding your team will...​

  • Unleash collective genius: Spark groundbreaking ideas and solutions through playful, transformational experiences that foster coherence and creativity.

  • Forge meaningful connections: Build powerful bonds and engagement between individuals and groups, creating lasting communities.

  • Steward our planet together: Activate collaborative action for positive change, leaving a lasting positive impact on the environment.

We bring...

  • Expertise: Our team consists of seasoned designers, coaches,  with a wealth of experience in creating impactful experiences and media.

  • Inclusive Approach: We prioritize inclusivity and diversity in our designs, ensuring that everyone feels represented and valued.

  • Human-Centered Design: Our process is deeply human-centered, putting the needs and experiences of users at the forefront of our design decisions.

  • Measurable Impact: We believe in delivering measurable results and continuously strive to improve and iterate based on feedback and data.

Our team has successfully implemented Common Grounding techniques across diverse settings, including universities, intentional communities, non-profits, schools, faith-based organizations, and workplaces. Our approach, marked by dedicated facilitation, robust engagement, and ongoing evaluation, has consistently delivered transformative outcomes within communities.

Whether you're looking to enhance user experiences, improve collaboration within your organization, or create cohesive designs, Common Grounding is here to help. Let's collaborate to build meaningful connections and drive positive change through coherent design.

The Coherence Team

Let's create together!

Gregory Kellett

Coherence Expert

Paridise Theater speaking .jpg

Melissa Orion

Experience Designer

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 12.58.51 PM.png

Melissa Wright

Project Manager


Dani Belle

Design Strategist


Maker's Space Coordinator


August Rose

Lawful Structures Stratagist


Common Grounding: Coherence Team 

Common Grounding leverages a unique blend of neuroscience, flow theory, and organizational psychology to provide a transformative experience for multi-stakeholder collaborations. Our strategies are specifically designed to foster mutual understanding, build trust, and promote collaborative coherence within diverse groups.

Experiential Tools for weaving People, Place, Purpose & Play  

Our proven process...

  • The Common Grounding Integration Framework: A unique approach leveraging scalable transformative experiences for groups of all sizes, packed with innovative games, activities, and project based learning.

  • Keystone Activations: Custom-designed events that ignite flow, build group coherence, and inspire action around shared goals.

  • Innovation Nation: Ongoing memberships with regular curated experiences and resources to nurture connection and co-creation.


What we ask for...

  • Commitment to synergy: Join a collaborative journey where you actively participate in shaping experiences.

  • Embracing the power of play: Open yourself to unconventional approaches that unlock innovation and engagement.

  • Shared vision for a better future: Align with our mission to Cultivate Connection, Spark Innovation and Steward the Planet.


What makes us unique...

  • Rooted in Science: We leverage proven methods from neuroscience, flow theory, and organizational psychology.

  • Experience-Driven: Our expert team designs immersive, playful experiences that ignite creativity and connection.

  • Purposeful Impact: We generate individual and community buy-in by building belonging and shared purpose towards positive change.

Examples of the Common Grounding process...

  • Schools/Universities: Students co-create solutions for sustainability challenges through playful design and implementation workshops.

  • Hospitals: Patients and staff connect and find joy through experiences of shared creative expression.

  • Faith Based/ Not for Profit Organizations: Communities deepen bonds and explore shared values through collaborative storytelling journeys.

We look forward to working with you!
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