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Leave a Positive Trace
Event Production Model

The "Leave a Positive Trace Event Production Model" is our innovative approach to education, innovation, team development and impactful media. This model focuses on leaving a positive impact on the environment and society, ensuring that every project and piece of media contributes to the greater well-being of our global community.

Three Core Stages


We utilize people who want to learn new skills to pay you to help build your event. We support you in offering educational study in all aspects of your event design. From the inspiration to the final product, your members will learn valuable skills, even earn badges & certifications. 


We design events that bring together various community members and stakeholders. We engineer experiences that help galvanize team dynamics, community involvement and create lifelong fans of your project/company.


We develop inspiring & coherent narratives for your fans & members. We capture media of your event & the educational offerings we used to build your event. This media becomes invaluable for your marketing as well as creates residual income through future viewers.

By combining education, community-building events, and media production, we create a self-sustaining cycle of positive impact. The residual income from media production not only supports your initiatives but also allows you to reinvest in future events, ensuring a continuous cycle of member growth and positive change.

Connection, Education, Experiences & More...

Our innovative 'Leave a Positive Trace' production model is centered around the convergence of education and events to foster community development, establish valuable resources, and create enduring physical spaces. By seamlessly connecting individuals to educational opportunities focused on constructing earth-friendly structures, implementing innovative systems, and embracing regenerative practices, we are laying the foundation for a sustainable and thriving community.


Unlike traditional event models, our approach goes beyond the ephemeral nature of gatherings. We believe in leaving a lasting impact by not only disseminating knowledge but also by creating tangible, permanent assets at the event sites. These assets may include regenerative structures, communal spaces, and organic gardens that serve as ongoing reminders of our commitment to sustainability and community building.

'Leave a Positive Trace' events are not just events; they are dynamic & self-perpetuating systems that leave a lasting positive mark on both individuals & communities.


The key to our unique system lies in its multifaceted impact. Firstly, by providing education in areas crucial for sustainable living, we empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make a positive difference in their lives and the environment. Secondly, the physical spaces and resources established during our events become community hubs, fostering collaboration and support long after the event concludes.


Our model is designed to generate ongoing financial support for community initiatives. We leverage captured media – including videos, documentaries, and educational content – to not only share the transformative experiences of our events but also to create a sustainable source of residual income. This income not only supports the ongoing maintenance of community projects but also contributes to fundraising efforts for future endeavors.


Do you have a structure or garden project you need built? 

Q: Could your project be built by students

with the guidance of experts?

A: It probably can!


We will develop an educational offering and/or event that people will pay you to help build your structure or agricultural project!

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