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Welcome to Common Grounding

Crafting Experiences of Connection and Coherence

At Common Grounding, we specialize in experience and coherence design, where our primary focus is to cultivate environments and interactions that foster understanding, empathy, and collaboration. Our approach revolves around the concept of "common grounding," which serves as the cornerstone of our design philosophy.

What is 'Common Grounding'?

'Common grounding' is the process through which individuals establish a shared understanding and mutual respect, enabling effective communication and collaboration. It involves finding common points of reference, acknowledging differences, and bridging gaps in perspectives to create cohesive experiences.

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Common Grounding stands as an innovative and proven solution to the challenges faced by multi-stakeholder initiatives. By investing in transformative experiences, developing a compelling storyline and fostering collaboration, we believe your organization can overcome existing hurdles and also thrive in a cohesive, purpose-driven environment.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how the Common Grounding team can tailor our offerings to meet the specific needs and aspirations of your organization. Together, let us transform challenges into opportunities for growth and positive impact.

'Gregory is such a master at the art of group dynamics, effective collaboration and clear communication. Our team has become more cohesive and effective under his guidance, and as a mentor for our RegenEarth Accelerator, he is helping project teams become more investment worthy. Invaluable!'

Kirsten Liegmann, Ollizoi & RegenEarth Studio

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